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Owens Corning Architectural shingles, also called laminated shingles, are created by bonding two asphalt shingles together, giving them a distinct three-dimensional appearance. Laminates are generally heavier in weight, and allow for greater design flexibility. Each of the shingle types below comes in a variety of colors. If you want to know more about Owens Corning Architectural Series Shingles, contact us, or visit


1. Shingle sealant

2. Mineral surface granules

3. Weathering-grade asphalt

4. Fiberglas mat

5. Weathering-grade asphalt

6. Mineral surface granules

7. Weathering-grade asphalt

8. Fiberglas mat

9. Weathering-grade asphalt


Oakridge PRO 50 Deep Shadow

Distinct color blends and a complementary double shadow create rich dimension resembling the natural and random textured look of shake. 50-year warranty.

Oakridge PRO 40 Shadow

Distinct color blends and a complementary shadow create a softly textured dimensional look. 40-year warranty.

Oakridge PRO 30

Muted color blends and a subtle single shadow provide an understated complement to exteriors. 30-year warranty.


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