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With premium vinyl siding, you’ll never need to scrape and paint your home again! Vinyl won’t dent, scratch, crack, or peel, and is virtually maintenance-free. Reynolds siding is molded with the unique Lok-FitTM system that allows the siding more contact with the wall, providing smoother, straighter, stronger siding for your home.

Below are some examples from the Reynolds Building Products line of premium vinyl siding. If you want to learn more about Renolds' siding, contact us, or visit


16th Street® Vinyl Siding panels are 33% longer than other siding panels, allowing for a clean, wood grain designer look with less work fewer seams.


Cambridge® Beaded Premium Vinyl Siding stands apart with the appeal of distinctive beaded styling.  Enjoy the elegant charm and grace of the traditional South with its finely brushed embossing texture.


With bold textures and soft shadow lines in a rough-cut embossed style of the Atlantic coast, Chesapeake® Vinyl Siding captures the essence of historic, weather-worn homes line the shore of Chesapeake Bay.


Featuring the Lok-Fit™ design for faster installation and superior rigidity, Crossroads® Super Premium Vinyl Siding not only sports a handsome cedar-grain finish, but is the best performing product on the market today.


If economy is on top of your list, then Easy Street® is the way to go. Its low-gloss, high-quality appearance and painted wood looks bring out the beauty of any home.


With the graceful styles of colonial New England and the mid-Atlantic seaboard, Heritage® Vinyl Siding combines a light brush embossed surface with the look of fine hardwoods.


Quality, long-lasting performance. That's what Reynolds Grand Junction® is all about. It's ¾" panel projection and super heavy duty "RaiLock" provide exceptional rigidity and performance that exceeds anything you'll find in any competitive .044 panel.


Rustic Blend®’s random wood grain pattern gives your home a weathered, pastoral vibrancy reminiscent of a natural forest.


Sterling® Vinyl Siding has the careful look of hand-sawn wood, without the expense.


Reynolds Premium Board & Batten Vertical Vinyl Siding adds a warm, elegant quality to any architectural style with the distinctive vertical arrangement and the brushed embossed finish. The exceptional design makes a statement that sets your home apart in any neighborhood.





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